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This readme also comes with our downloadable roster file.

This roster file is our BETA version (for PS3 only!) that we use to play offline and on youtube etc. However all the other leagues in the game, most teams etc are out dated, not accurate or simply placeholders. I've delete or reused hundreds of players to design our KHL league. So please keep this in mind, load this roster ONLY to play around with our KHL teams. Then load the default rosters to play online or with other leagues.

NOTE: If someone downloading this roster file can convert these rosters to X-Box or PAL saves, please let me know by posting on our forums.


This is always a hot topic online. Nobody is ever happy with everything and allot of players in our league appear to be underwhelming compared to EA's official system and/or NHL players. So please read on and I will explain how our system works and why it works best.

First off, every player is designed by hand, they are not randomly generated. Every player has accurate height, weights and birth dates according to the official KHL website. This is important as our league uses actual stats in game to determine every aspect of a player in game. More below on this topic...

Every player is designed using our own unique calculator that draws all of it's info directly from each players actual 2014/2015 stats on the KHL website. A player having a great season this season will have that reflected in this roster file. A player having a bad year in the KHL will likely be a low overall in this game.

However, we did see flaws in this system as some players were simply good players on bad teams and wanted to show some compassion this time around by using our own judgment to partially correct a limited amount of players. Because I live in Canada and do not know most of the players well or at all, I simply judged them by watching online matches. (I watched 270 KHL games this season in full + playoffs now).

Using my own discretion and previous roster calculations we decided to adjust a few players that previously had much better seasons or had previous NHL careers assuming they still had more talent then our calculator determined. (remember the calculator doesn't care what your name is, it's 100% unbiased).

So after months of plugging in stats and organizing rosters/teams etc we ended up applying a high and low limit onto all players in our KHL league. The best overall score in our system is 90 (no players are allowed to exceed this score, even though some did), however no players were allowed to score less then 65 overall (which many did). This gives us some sort of balance and competitive standard. The only exception to this rule are a few rookies in game that almost never get called up. We gave those players a 64 max overall.

Now don't get all upset when you look down your favorite teams roster in game and see tons of 65 overalls. This doesn't really mean anything as each player was designed by hand to work within his overall cap to best suit them. Super fast players are still super fast, hard hitters still hit hard, snipers are snipers, playmakers have great passing skill etc. The two main stats under each player that effect them the most are "Offensive and Defensive Awareness" as well as their own personal style (tough guy, sniper, two-way forward etc). You will find plenty of 65 overall guys that appear to be very good players with lots of mid to high 80 stats. So don't fret, in game everything works as it should.

The main exception to our standard rules are the goalies. This time around we really wanted to eliminate the cheep (well known) weak spots that NHL 13 goalies all seemed to have. So our goalies are designed to stop pucks. They are designed to compete, not to reflect their real life counterparts. However we still designed them to resemble themselves visually (correct height/weight/gear when possible). No more short side high or high glove side slot goals all the time. The consistency has been broken and now you will earn every goal!

As noted above, stats in game are used at full scale (unlike EA defaults). Our custom slider settings are the most important thing to follow when setting up our KHL league. If you don't use our settings, the players won't play correctly and the game will become unbalanced. One of our slider settings "Attribute Effect" is at it's maximum and thus is at the core of our system. It forces the game to use players as they are designed, no cheats, no AI bonuses.


As you may know already, the KHL is not an official product of EA Sports. Knowing that, we are forced to use EA's custom logos and team designer with allot of constrictions, yet we did our best to represent each team as close to real life as possible. Each team uses their own unique color scheme in conjunction with the best possible jersey , pants, socks available. Logos for each team are chosen based on something that reflects or is as close to their actual logos possible. Some are just not possible and thus interesting alternates were used. IE; Lada has a viking ship in their actual logos, so we used a viking head mounted in front of a viking shield. Every team has a unique logo in game.


To set up a fresh KHL league follow these steps exactly as shown below;

STEP 1: Download our roster files and custom audio files, transfer them to your playstation 3.
STEP 2: Start up NHL13
STEP 3: Start an AHL season (this will give you a 76 game season)
STEP 4: Set up all Basics/Rules etc according to our online guide (found at under our menu section "Slider Settings".
STEP 5: Advance and substitute all "AHL" teams out for our KHL teams according to our online guide under our "EAKHL TEAMS" menu.
STEP 6: Select a team for yourself and/or your friends to be. 1 for each human team. Advance into game.
STEP 7: Go to settings under nhl 13 menu and then into "Game Play settings". Set all custom sliders according to our online guide. (VERY IMPORTANT!)
STEP 8: Enter the season! Your ready to play.


Look on our website for tons of info or user guides / screen shots etc.

All 28 official teams have full accurate rosters as of Feb 2015. Only the worst players on a teams rosters are exempt from this
game. All teams include a full line-up + a minimum or 1 forward and 1 d-men that are scratched in case of injuries. Some teams
have more.

Don't bitch and whine about player stats. EA never uses real life stats and we did. We used all the officials stats to create these players directly from the official KHL website. Players are generated using a non-bias system that we created. The system doesn't care if they were a star 2 years ago or had a crappy previous season. It bases stats ONLY on the 2014/15 season. If you don't like something... change it!

Other then this ENJOY!

Creative Team
Cole Austin - Designer / creator
Game Testers - Mike Evans, Kirk Beard

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